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Choosing the right home loan is a big decision. At PAT Finance in Melton, we help you make the best choice based on your goals and situation. We also know that your situation could change over the life of your loan. You might want to unlock equity in your home to purchase an investment property. Perhaps you’re planning a renovation or looking to consolidate your debts. Or maybe you just want a better deal to lower your mortgage repayments. Whatever your reason for refinancing your home, we help you find a refinance loan that works for you. 

What is a refinance loan?

A refinance loan is a new loan you take out to pay out your current home loan. You can do this through your existing lender or through a new provider. There are many reasons you might choose to refinance, including:

  • To tap into equity for a large purchase

  • To fund renovations or home improvements

  • To consolidate your debts into one loan

  • To obtain a better interest rate or lower fees

  • To switch from a variable to fixed interest rate (or vice versa)

  • To shorten the term of your loan

 Is refinancing the right move for you?

If you’ve outgrown your current home loan, refinancing can be wise move. However, as with any financial decision, there are risks associated with refinancing. We help you weigh up the pros and cons to determine if a refinance loan is right for you.

Our mortgage brokers will consider important questions, like:

  • What are the exit fees on your existing loan?

  • What are the establishment fees on a new loan?

  • Do you have enough equity to avoid paying Lender’s Mortgage Insurance?

  • Is there anything in your credit history that could impact your loan application?

  • Will the short-term costs of refinancing exceed the long-term savings?

If we determine that refinancing is the right option, you can leave the rest to us. We research a huge range of loans, present you with options, and complete all the paperwork on your behalf. Plus, we do all this at no cost to you.

Who said refinancing your home was hard? It couldn’t be easier with PAT Finance.

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