Investment property loans

Low interest rates are just the beginning


Are you considering purchasing an investment property or adding to your portfolio? Property can be a valuable investment option. However, the investment property loan you choose is almost as important as the property itself. At PAT Finance, we help you navigate the huge range of investment loans on the market. We take the time to listen to your needs and develop a sound, long-term strategy. Then we find a loan that has all the features you’re looking for. That means more than a low interest rate. It means a loan that maximises your earnings, minimises your tax, and aligns with your financial plans.

Which type of investment loan suits you?

The features you look for in an investment loan may vary wildly from those you need in a standard home loan. The type of loan you choose will depend largely on your investment strategy, which we’ll help you refine. For example, are you investing for negative gearing or capital growth? How long are you planning to hold onto your property? Some investors ‘buy and hold’, paying their property off over time while collecting rent. Others purchase properties they expect to appreciate in value quickly. These two types of investors may go for very different investment loans.

If you already own your home, or have paid most of it off, you could use the equity to fund the purchase of your investment. If you are investing in a house and land package, you might take out a two-part loan – one for the land and one for the home. If you are investing in commercial property, there are many other factors to consider.

The possibilities for investment property loans are endless. That’s why it’s so important to get advice from an investment loan expert. With over 15 years’ experience in the finance industry and hundreds of successful loan applications, you can trust the team at PAT Finance to find an investment loan that fits.

Don’t pay too much tax on your investment property

Before your purchase an investment property, it’s important to have a clear picture of how it impacts your tax. When you choose PAT Finance in Melton, you get more than a professional mortgage broking service. You get the benefit of an award-winning accountant who can help you understand your tax obligations, as they relate to your investment property. 

Our professional advice covers:

  • Income tax

  • Deductible expenses

  • Depreciation schedules

  • Negative gearing

  • Positive gearing

  • Capital gains tax

  • GST liability

  • GST credits

We can help you legally minimise your tax, so you get greater returns on your investment property. Together with the right investment loan, our service can save you thousands of dollars each year.

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